Yoga inspired interiors heal the mind, body and soul. A zen home that’s dedicated to peace, tranquility and emotional well-being, results in a balance between your surrounding energy. A home that energizes you, enables you to escape the stresses of existence and fasten having a greater power, yoga inspired interiors are healing and power houses of one’s.

The best room within your house is to do your meditation to recharge the body both physically and psychologically, holding you back chakras balanced. Meditation is really a healing, trans-formative practise that may alter the way our minds work.

There must be an all natural flow of one’s within your house without any clutter, the doorway that you simply enter from should generate a ton of positive energy. Antique Indian doorways with carvings and motifs of chakra, lotus and peacocks attract the positivity and abundance to your home. Blue washed consoles within the hallway, sunburst medallions created buffets and vintage furniture produced from reclaimed forest, distressed natural metals like brass and iron cladded chests charge the zen too.

Sun may be the giver of existence so always meditate facing east or even the rising sun, the hues of orange and yellow are connected using the second and third chakra that connects with adding nourishment to and grounding. Sun created doorways were utilized in India mainly to draw in the power from the sun. Peaceful, peaceful, energizing interiors, with lush eco-friendly plants of tulsi and aloe. Handloom cotton blankets can be used floor throws or wall tapestries. Mandala printed bed throws and matching curtains, create color balanced rooms to infuse your house with peaceful vibrations. Put on recycled sari yoga pants and cotton embroidered tunics, ethnic printed wrap skirts and bohemian kaftans to maintain your zen free and billed.

Nature is relaxing and healing, old wood chai tables and cart benches beautified with up-cycled toss pillows assist you to unwind and meditate. Meditation is connecting using the source and old Indian products have brass and iron ornamentation that removes the electromagnetic charge around us, therefore developing a space that may help you stay relaxed. An attractive gemstone Buddha sculpture with water flowing within the back is zen positive. Water is important in meditation because it is an excellent carrier of seem vibration. The total amount is important between Sun, Earth, Air, Water, Space or Ether. Mantra music playing without anyone’s knowledge with zen sculptures of Ganesha, Buddha and Shiva, the incense scent sets the atmosphere for any peaceful and calm meditation. Om Shanti!


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