If you are seeking for fast bodybuilding results, then Sustanon is one of the best solutions. It is basically an oil-based injectable blend of testosterone. It is used to increase the level of testosterone that naturally occurs in men. The solution is normally used to build a repository of testosterone which the body can use whenever required. There are actually two types of Sustanon. One which is a blend of four types of testosterone, while the other which is a blend of only three types. This hormone replacement drug contains natural ingredients that boost the body’s testosterone level easily and safely.

Role of Sustanon in bodybuilding

With the use of Sustanon, athletes can easily achieve the muscle mass they are craving for. Once consumed, the drug automatically converts into a very strong form of dihydrotestosterone. This is what is responsible for letting off high amounts of androgen. Once this process is over, the bodies protein synthesis automatically gets boosted. This process is crucial, as it is responsible for the production of the muscle tissues. Also, the process sees to it that the older muscle tissues grow further. The drug is known to encourage effective regeneration of cells which in turn boosts the muscle endurance and power. The process also initiates the production of red blood cells which improves the oxygen supply to different parts of the body. It creates a satisfying physique along with a performance enhancing effect when the level of testosterone is artificially increased.

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Sustanon is available only in injectable form and can be used for both bulking up and cutting. It is advised only to be used as basic anabolic steroids. An adult man can usually deal with an increased level of this hormone as it is naturally found in their body. Novice bodybuilders should begin with a small dose of 250 and see the body’s reaction first. Lower doses also help you to bulk up muscles or burn fat for those who take the drug for the first time. Intermediate bodybuilders, who have previously used testosterone and know how their body will react to it, can take the drug in a higher dose than 500 mg in a week.  But their dose should under no circumstances exceed 1000 mg. The option of 750mg in a week is a safe dosage. But you should be aware, that for cutting normally a lower dose is required than for bulking.

Who should stay away

One vital thing you should keep in mind is, Sustanon should be used very carefully. It is not recommended for women, especially if they are pregnant or breastfeeding. As anabolic steroid includes Arachis oil (peanut oil) and benzyl alcohol, hence this steroid should not be given to those allergic to peanuts. Also, men suffering from prostate cancer or any other health conditions like kidney or liver damage, having hypercalcemia or hypercalciuria should stay away from this drug. So, in order to enjoy only the performance enhancing effect of the drug you should follow the exact dosage as prescribed by your physician.


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