The features which make the Chinese food most favorable for the people all over the world are its diversified colors, aromatic flavor and different taste. The basis for comparison to find out the best Chinese restaurant in Sydney cannot be standardized. The preparation styles, ingredients and restaurant services are a matter of concern when determining the overall performance. However, the top Chinese eatery around Sydney is listed below with their particularities:

  1. Golden CenturyThe restaurant offers the customers huge selection of food and even more of wine. The availability of high quality seafood dishes is very pleasing. The main attractions of the restaurant are sticky barbecue pork burgundy-hued, prawn dumplings (steamed), squid pepper and salt, and spring roll fried to perfection.
  2. Mr. Wong – Mr. Wong Restaurant, the world famous cooks Jowett Yu and Dan Hong Chefs are the core members of the restaurant management. No wonder this place is known to be the finest Chinese diners within Sydney. The atmosphere created by the architecture of the building and the high quality food provided by the restaurant is quite interesting.
  3. BillyKwong – The Billy Kwong Restaurant is famous for its discoveries and renovations in the existing dishes. It offers yummy dishes like steamed dumplings, handmade noodles, and the crispy saltbush cakes with chili sauce and so on. A fusion of Chinese and native Australian cuisine is main attraction of the restaurant.
  4. Jade Temple – The suburban classics which has taken back seat is brought back in the menu of Jade Temple Restaurant. With the Caption, Neil Perry many old dishes are new again. The customers are enthusiastic to have the nostalgic food after a revival.
  5. SpiceTemple – The best Chinese eateries in Sydney are made in the streets and locations are reachable for the customers. Unlike the other hotels, Spice Temple is a subterranean restaurant where the same is the attractive feature of the restaurant. Neil Perry is the manager of the eatery and he offers high quality food under the surface of the earth. You cannot find any of Cantonese dishes in the menu; instead it roams China from Yunnan to Sichuan to Guangxi.
  6. Marigold – The ambience and the services by the staff is noteworthy. Dim sim and Yumcha are the most starred dishes of the restaurant. The booking of seats seems to be cumbersome. Thus, the customers should make sure their reservation as soon as possible. The ambience of the restaurant possess a Chinese feel around for which enable the customers to have authentic and enjoyable experience making it an excellent Chinese dining-places in Sydney.
  7. 7. Queen’s Hotel The eccentric styles of food making makes the restaurant attracted by the customers in a magical way. The mud crabs are the new attraction of Enmore’s eat street where the restaurant is located.


The authenticity and presentation are main characteristics of a Chinese Restaurant. It varies from each other. The determination of the best Chinese restaurant in Sydney is not that easy as it looks like. Thus, the restaurants can undergo changes and improvements which could attract more customers. Each of the restaurants has to measure up and find out the flaws which prevent in achieving the title “topmost Chinese eating-place in Sydney”


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