Carpets are known to be one of the most exquisite pieces of decorative accessories, however owing to its woollen nature; it attracts a large number of grime as well as dust and they are all the more prone to dust and dirt if there are pets and children at home. So how can a carpet be cleaned? Check out some reliable carpet cleaning services in Dubai.

Dry Cleaning the carpet

So how can you keep your carpet clean? Though regular vacuum can definitely keep your carpet clean, there is a requirement of a professional carpet cleaning Dubai Company who will help clean your carpet in a highly professional manner. A professional carpet cleaning company helps cleans your carpet in many ways. They start with a thorough vacuuming system to extract all the dust and grim. This is known as dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is done with the help of special soaps that are designed to clean the dust.

Shampooing the carpet

The 2nd method involves shampooing the carpet. Here, the carpet is cleaned with a spraying solution and then the solution is well extracted by vacuuming. These solutions contain deodorizes and brighteners that help in improving the look and feel of the carpet.

Steam cleaning method

Steam cleaning is a hot water extraction process which is the most effective carpet cleaning method. It is important that all the moisture is well removed so that it does not lead to mould or grime. This also depends on how dirty the carpet is and accordingly companies like Justmop help to clean your carpets. Apart from various carpet cleaning solutions, there are various other extra services that can be opted by paying extra charges.

These are the different methods of carpet cleaning and you need to speak to a professional before opting for carpet cleaning methods and then choose from the one that is affordable and at the same time suits your requirements and your budget as well.

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