You can obtain steroids from many different sources, but which sources can really be trusted for its effectiveness and quality? This dilemma mostly occurs with body builders and sportsmen who usually try to find various illegal sources to obtain steroids. People who buy steroids for any medical reasons can easily buy from any recognized sources by showing their prescription. However, the question is whether steroids available over the counter is the only authenticated source of these steroids?

Steroids from over the counter

Steroids obtained from over the counter is certainly considered to be safe as compared to injections and also, they are legal source of such steroids.  However, if these steroids are taken by body builders and if they do not take good diet coupled with exercises, then it may not give any results.

On the other hand, injections sold without prescriptions in certain pharmacies can be much more effective. That does not really mean that over the counter steroids are inferior in quality. The results will depend much upon the actual ingredients of the steroids.

Over the counter steroids are basically meant for boosting testosterone levels and also few other hormones. Therefore, it is not likely to produce many side effects when taken within the prescribed dosage. However, if their dosage is increased, as body builders usually take then it is more likely to produce side effects.

Steroid alternates available over the counter

These days, there are a number of steroid alternates sold in the market, which cannot be really termed as steroid, but they also boost the hormones in our body and they too have certain side effects. Some of the popular supplements are as follows:

  • D-Bal

This alternate is created to mimic the effects of Dianabol. Due to its nitrogen retention property, this can help in muscle growth and strength. It can also increase energy and endurance.

  • Anadrole

It is also a very close substitute of Anadrol and can help in increasing red blood cell production after workouts.

  • Anvarol

It is an alternate to Anavar and female athletes prefer this supplement for their performance enhancement. Even it is used by male athletes too.

  • Testo-Max

Alternate of Testosterone

  • Trenorol

Alternate of Trenbolone

  • Decaduro

Alternate of Deca Durabolin

The reason for effectiveness of these steroid alternates are basically due to various ingredients that help people to get almost similar effects that any steroids can offer.

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