For dog owners, an essential amenity in an apartment is a dog-friendly atmosphere that welcomes pet owners and their furry friends. The best dog-friendly apartments in Frisco will not only welcome pets but will also provide enjoyable and pleasant surroundings for the entire family.

If you’re currently looking for a new home for your family and pets, consider the following when searching for the Apartments in Denton County, Texas.

  1. Are there breed, weight, or size restrictions for pets?

Sometimes it’s easier to find a pet-friendly apartment that will allow a five pound Chihuahua than it is to find an apartment that will welcome a hefty German shepherd. As you conduct your search for pet-friendly apartments, it’s important to speak with the management about any restrictions they might have on welcoming pets to the community.

Rules regarding pets might include breed restrictions or weight limits, as well as limits on the number of pets that may live in one of the community’s units. It’s common for apartment communities to allow no more than one cat per unit or one dog per unit; however, each apartment community has different rules, so it’s worth asking about these restrictions in advance of touring the property.

  1. Does the apartment community offer pet-friendly amenities?

True pet-friendly apartments not only allow pets to live at the complex, but they also offer pet-friendly perks like dog parks, walking trails, and convenient access to outdoor adventures. Finding an apartment community with a feature like a pet park on site means a pet owner never has to worry about finding a place to walk the dog or play fetch.

  1. What, if any, additional fees are required for pet owners?

Apartment owners often require some additional fees when pet owners sign a lease, and these fees will vary from property to property. The fees aren’t often too expensive, but they may add up over time. For example, an apartment lease may require an additional pet deposit at the start of residency, as well as monthly pet rent.

In some cases, the pet deposit is refundable at the end of the lease, but sometimes the deposit isn’t returned at the conclusion of residency. When a community requires monthly pet rent or an initial pet deposit, the community may also require an addendum to the traditional lease that will list rules associated with pet ownership at the complex.

Finding the best dog-friendly apartment around Frisco means touring several communities that advertise their apartment homes as “pet-friendly.” You may wish to take your dog with you on a tour of the complexes to gauge his or her reactions to the community, as well as to ensure your breed of dog is accepted at the complex.

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