Diving With Sharks in Makassar, Lanyukan and Kapuposang are the furthest islands facing the deep sea. Located some 37 km. Out of Makassar, Lanyukan is encompassed by reefs and steep drop-offs. This one finds bigger fish such as mantas, barracuda and plenty of sharks. Here, by a 100-meter shelf, the reef suddenly plunges to 600 meters. Consequently, only seasoned divers must dive these waters. There’s a little village on Lanyukan. However, there are no overnight facilities. Even further away in some 70 km. From Makassar is the island of Kapuposang. That is a gorgeous green island covered with casuarina trees and coconut palms.

Kapuposang is right at the edge of the continental shelf which separates Australia from Asia. This is shark paradise, in which the blue and white tip reef shark will probably be inquisitive, but mostly benign. However, the hammerheads are prepared to attack. This is deep water, from 300 meters near the island, the reef plunges down to 800 meters. Here you’ll find giant groupers, schools of tuna, stingray, and turtles. There is a hotel for divers and non-divers in the south-east point of the island. Even though very far from Makassar, a speedboat will take you to them vertical isles at 1.5 hours.

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It’s best to make arrangements with an experienced dive operator at Makassar, who’ll rent diving and snorkeling equipment, and make arrangements to your ship to take you to from the islands. They are also able to supply you with meals, beverages, and whatever else you need to enjoy the islands, but additionally to defend yourself from unforeseen inconveniences. For some addresses click: Find a travel agent. If you would instead make your very own arrangements, there are loads of boats available for rent in the pier. Ensure you agree on the return trip. In Lae some sailors rent their boats for the return travel to Makassar or on to other islands, but these might unavailable on other islands.

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