If you really think that buying a car used or new, is a big deal then this article will tell you how much it takes to sell a car at desired prices to the right customers. Read this guide on how to offer deal for used Ford Figo in used cars on Internet.

  • Describe the car in detail: The most important equipment elements come at the beginning. Also the standard equipment list: ABS, ESP, electric windows, remote control with center lock.
  • Is the car workshop maintained? Specify! Also mention most recent works with exact prices so that the buyer can see the condition and match it to other deal for used Ford Figo in used cars.
  • Identify defects! Pre-claims or defects must be included in the purchase contract. Ensure the freedom from defects only if you are absolutely sure.
  • Clean and take pictures! Better too much than too few photos, tips note.
  • Do not sell to anyone! Be suspicious if the buyer accepts your price but rejects your other conditions. Do not go into it and reject its offer even if the buyer becomes aggressive.
  • Do not sign what the buyer brings! Only your contract will be signed. Makes the buyer pressure and wants a quick signature, break the sale off. They determine the rules.
  • No test drive without witnesses! Drive only during the day and be accompanied by a trustworthy person. This saves you from bad surprises. Caution: If the buyer damages the car during the test drive, he must pay damages.
  • Only Bares is true! Only those who pass the purchase price bar get keys and papers. Do not accept any guaranties, transfers, credit cards, partial or installments.
  • Deposits are taboo! Exception: The rest will be paid cash at pickup. Never give a car if you do not have the full purchase price in hand.

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