At the start of your case, you must have an initial meeting with prospective family law firms to decide if you can work with them and how. This meeting presents a chance for you to relate your story, learn about legal approaches, ask questions and develop a winning strategy for your case. During this meeting, lawyers from the law firm will pay attention to the facts and give advice on how best to tackle the problem. You must be frank and honest during this meeting with the household legal agency, revealing all the facts of your case even if they aren’t all good.


Can I trust and relate with the lawyers?

Trust your instincts during this initial meeting. Make sure you get a second opinion if you aren’t entirely certain about the lawyers in the first meeting. This is better than going ahead against your gut and ending up with a terrible domestic law firm representing you. Did your call go to voicemail and how quickly did you get a call back? Did you sense professionalism and expertise in the conversation? Did the lawyers have enough knowledge about the situation? The best family law firms have experienced professionals always ready to assist you.


What is the supreme approach for my case?

Attorneys from the familial legal firm should be able to explain your options after hearing the facts. Can the case be solved by agreement or is litigation compulsory? They will advise on the advantages and disadvantages of taking different available options and make a final decision with you.


Who is my point of contact at the firm?

Successful family legal firms delegate every duty in the organization. You should know how communication will be handled for your case who you can contact for information. There should be a designated person in the firm you can reach at anytime to receive a progress report on the case, and they should always respond quickly to you. The best option is for the lawyer in charge of the case to keep the client abreast with progress as the situation develops.


After the initial meeting with the private law office, they should be able to give you a range of what it will cost you. Keep in mind that some independent factors can make it impossible to predict an exact amount.

Fee structure?

Make sure you ask the personal legal agency enough questions to fully understand the fee structure. What is the hourly rate for the lawyer? Will you be charged per hour or will you be charged a flat rate? What is the rate for support staff if this is charged? It is always best to get clear cut answers on such questions from the onset. It will go a long way in building a good relationship.


Selecting the perfect family legal firm to handle your case is very important. You will have an initial meeting with different firms you are considering before making your choice. Make sure you go through these critical questions during your appointment with family law firms.


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