Fat is the villain in story for every athlete looking to participate in championships. There are many people who believe for better muscle definition there is need to remove fat as much possible. Fat burners are not that effective after a certain level of body fat percentage is achieved. This is why it becomes important for the athletes to come up with some other supplements that can get them the desired results. Couple of names doing the rounds is Clenbuterol and T3 Cytomel for removing fat from the body. These are potential medications that can work the way you want against fat.

Clen and T3

Although Clen and cytomel for weight loss are being considered really useful, they are not without doubters. The simple reason to put them under cloud is the classifications of these drugs. Clenbuterol to begin with is a bronchodilator used for asthma and T3 is a thyroid hormone. Cytomel is the popular brand name for T3 and people may wonder what these two combined can achieve for fat loss? The main thing with these two working as a stack is for the athletes to get benefits while cutting cycle.  

Nature of the products

Clen has the thermogenic and performance improving properties much useful for the body builders. It helps to create a lean body by burning fat and enhancing the cardiovascular performance by means of increased oxygen supply. Rapid results are guaranteed and this is why it is preferred during the busy season for the body builders. Oxygen helps improve growth in muscle cells and stamina during workout. T3 on the other hand is hormone for thyroid functioning and is converted from thyroxine T4.  These are responsible for regulating cellular metabolism and various autonomic body functions. T3 is very popular among the endurance athletes for reducing body fat once it hits a plateau.

Knowing about side effects

Cutting cycle is for a few weeks and the exogenic use of hormones can then come to haunt the user. Basically, while creating a Clen and cytomel stack the user needs to be careful about the dosage as it is very powerful drug. These prescription drugs require total attention and complete cautiousness while using them. They are good with results but equally potent to harm your body if not cared enough. It is better to check with physicians to come up with the perfect dosage for any particular person.

Prefer to start with low doses initially and then increasing it only if required. The undesired side effects are often related to use of hormones from external sources. The body tends to stop creating them naturally as the demand is met from the outside dose. This is why post cycle therapy becomes important for every body builder. Clen and cytomel for weight loss stack are great with the high effectiveness still need meticulous use. Avoid overdose and try not to be too eager with the results as it will come in time. Always stay safe while using such high power stacks as your body should be paramount.

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