When it comes to acupuncture for your pet, many pet owners have never even heard of the procedure or know very little about it. The idea of acupuncture for anyone, let alone their beloved pet, might even make them shiver a bit. The fact is, acupuncture is safe, simple, and effective as a means of treating many common ailments and it causes no discomfort. Many reluctant pets who regard pill taking as the lowest form of veterinary treatment both tolerate acupuncture well and profit from it as a treatment for their illnesses. Acupuncture is a less invasive treatment than some others and treats a broader range of ailments such as gastrointestinal issues, neurological impairments, chronic pain, liver conditions, emotional imbalances, and is used as a therapy for post-surgery recovery. The side effects tend to be minimal, as well. 

Read about Otto, an aging retriever whose owners discovered how acupuncture could help their dog. They weren’t completely convinced about the ‘new’ treatment, but they had seen enough evidence to continue. This is where many proponents of veterinary acupuncture encounter misunderstanding from people. Eastern medicine tends to work in slow, subtle, long-lasting ways that are very different from our modern idea of taking a pill (or undergoing surgery) and seeing sudden change. While our pharmacological treatments have saved lives and eased suffering, having multiple options for treatment to meet the needs of different patients has always been a goal of veterinary practice in the modern world. Acupuncture may not be an option every animal can tolerate, but it has helped many pets live longer, fuller lives. 

Here at Advanced Animal Care Of Colorado, we have seen the effects that acupuncture can have on pets. As part of our up-to-date facilities, we are always researching the latest in improved medical procedures that can benefit many kinds of animals. This is why we engage qualified practitioners of acupuncture to provide the option of acupuncture for your pet. Not only do we use the latest in technology and surgical knowledge, but we also investigate older methods of animal treatment that can help your pet feel better and live longer. At our facilities, your pet can receive a variety of treatments that ease pain, chronic illness, and even unpleasant behaviors that are related to health issues.




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