No business can be sustained for a long run sans growth. That is the reason why an enterprise always looks at ways and means to expand its business. Towards this end, advertisements play a key role in creating awareness of the brand among the customer, understanding the product and create a demand for it leading to sales and revenue. Earlier, conventional advertisement mediums were chosen like newspaper, pamphlet and television. After the advent of the internet, new digital marketing techniques involving SEO, pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and facebook business page optimization have arrived which helps to reach and target the probable customer easily. The Marketing Folks discussed in here some ways that can be employed through the facebook business page optimization that can help in the generation of traffic and boost sale.

  • Business name and URL should be similar – This is a very elementary point that should be kept in mind so that it is easy for a user to get connected with a brand or business. It is not expected out of a user to search recklessly for a product on the internet. Keeping both the business name and the URL similar helps the customer to search easily for the product and connect with it that ultimately helps to generate traffic and create revenue for the business.
  • The profile should be complete – A key component of the facebook business page optimization is a complete profile of the business. The business name, phone numbers, e-mail id and any other contact details should be clearly mentioned so that if any customer needs to ask or clarify any point, it can be done easily. Also, brief details of the product and the company help to convey the offerings of the business.
  • The content should be interesting – Content of the article is very important in marketing, more so in facebook where it is the driver of more traffic to the page. More traffic converts to more shares and more likes that keep the page trending across. People take notice of trends and like visiting it which converts into volume and more ultimately leads to more business.
  • The audience should be engaged – Facebook business page enhancement strategy also suggests that in addition to better content, the audience should also be engaged with new and innovative ways. Articles like ‘10 best ways to achieve your dream…’ or a quiz or problem solving can be thrown at them so that it becomes an interactive event and people get drawn to the page.
  • The use of Facebook Apps – Technically, from the facebook business page usefulness point of view, apps can be more useful as it takes up more space on the SERP page and can help connect with the viewer easily. Additionally, appointments, feedback, rewards and keeping the customer informed can be done conveniently through them. The search engines also help to index apps and take the user into deeper parts of the facebook page.

Following these five simple points can definitely help to give fruitful results for a business which is considering the facebook optimization strategy for his business need. Businesses worldwide have known to benefit from this marketing strategy and so, many industry watchers have given thumbs up to the idea.

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